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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Well howdy stranger!

This is the requisite "I've been so busy I forgot about this blog" post. In truth, I have been quite busy. Quite busy at work, quite busy getting a new job, and then quite busy trying to do both jobs while also preparing to move and to launch my own incredibly successful jewelry business.
Ok, so maybe I haven't been PHYSICALLY preparing to move. I've been MENTALLY preparing, mostly by pinning home decorating ideas to my boards and planning my housewarming party by pinning exciting food ideas to my boards on Pinterest. If you are anything like me, you'll go from a thoughtful, "Oh, what an interesting idea. I'll just repin a few of these things for later..." to:
( which is really a re-do of Hyperbole and a Half's Clean All The Things!
Making this post, is in fact, a packing avoidance tactic. A nap is next on the agenda. Am I the only person who, upon waking, thinks, "Well, I'll just drink this cup of coffee and check my email and then I'll take a nap"? Today started out just that way. After reading my coffee and drinking my email, I read Hyperbole and a Half from start to finish (yes the entire blog, minus the posts I had already read, my favorites of which you can find on the side bar- the dog ones are especially hilarious. There is this tenuous period between finishing my coffee and being in full-blown blood sugar crashing meltdown mode, and I like to try and time my nap in there somewhere closer to the coffee-finishing. However, this morning, like many mornings I suppose, I was kept from napping due to the seemingly purposeful nap-preventing strategies I am sure my neighbors employ due to their nap...ism from being energetic doers of...things. Things like mowing my lawn. Yes, MY lawn. And painting my house. Then, by the time they are finished, the hypoglycemic stomach gnawing has set in, and I am forced to find Something To Eat. Once that hurdle is overcome, and the lovely carb-induced relaxation starts to wash over me, the fire-whistle blows, reminding me that it is noon already and I have not yet packed a single item. So rather than actually PACKING, I ran around the house and took art off the walls and dusted it all and leaned it all in neat piles on the two chairs that we never ever sit in. (Chairs we will move to The New House and Never Ever Sit In.) Well, not ALL the art. Just the art from one room. We have a lot of art. I can see it from where I sit. Waiting expectantly, all unpacked. But now the noon-whistle has blown, the lawn has been...mown? and apparently the house-painter took a break...the only thing now preventing me from napping aside from my own slight sense of guilt, is that having taken down the art, but not the hooks, the cats are in a frenzy, convinced that the hooks and nails that were holding up the art are in fact bugs, waiting to be chased and eaten. And to get to them, the cats must, of course, scale towering piles of unopened mail, tables of antique pottery, and half-packed boxes of Things That Do Not Go Together. But the carb-drugs are strong and my will is weak and the nap doth come.