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Monday, April 11, 2011

Zen and the Art of Bead Storage...etc etc.

Five days until the Albany Bead Show, my first, and I got a wild hair to reorganize my beads (READ: Make room for all the fabulous beads I am going to earn.) I knew it was a Pandora's Box, but I just went for it. I have one large tackle box with four large flat divided clear bins inside and room for 8 of the small ones in the top but I use the top for wire, leather, Acculon and other stringing materials, plus I have a Santa Tin full of base metal chain, vintage and non. That part is all set and ready to go.
The bottom four flats have traditionally held the beads I have purchased by the each at bead stores (SHOUT OUT TATNUCK BEAD! WOOT!) and the occasional strand from shows or online. I have lugged around the same four flats of beads since 2004. I haven't set foot in a bead store since (I was making my own beads and doing other things.) I was doing a lot of mixed media for a while there as well. So these four flats of beads have got to go. I think I'll do a giveaway. Perhaps at the Marlboro, MA show. Stay tuned for details on that. I'm just rollin' with the flow here.
So what I am getting at is this: What is your method for organizing your beads? Do you keep all your gems in one container and your silver in another? Do you use ziplock bags or tackle boxes? Help me organize my stash. Because the subject line of the spam mail that inspired this post reads: "Hey You: Get It Together."


Geraldine said...

i use tackle boxes as well as those small circular containers that come in metal boxes that were the rage for a while. you can get them at i separate the beads by size mostly. i keep the pearls separate. then i have a pencil box for wire, another small box for silver (parts in those circular containers). i keep my findings together and in circular container too. i must have really given leevalley a boon the year i decided to go with those.

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